Join the Bernal History Project

Bernal History Project is open to everyone: You don't even have to live in Bernal Heights! We have no annual dues or subscription fees. We are a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization whose sole aim is researching the history of our San Francisco neighborhood. Please join us to find out more about our buildings, parks, people, and streets. If you have memories and photographs to share, our group will help make them a part of neighborhood history.

We hold meetings on the third Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Bernal branch library. See our Events page for more information about guest speakers or themed meetings.

E-mail us to be added to our monthly mailing list, or call Terry Milne at 415-285-8978.

Photographs and Ephemera

Photographs, maps, and papers (newspapers, ticket stubs, letters, advertisements, church bulletins, menus, real estate documents, etc.) help show how Bernal has evolved. Please loan us these items so we can scan them for our archive and share them with everyone. If you want to send us your Bernal stories, photos, or clippings (we will refund all postage and return everything promptly), please address mail to BHP, c/o Terry Milne, 321 Rutledge Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. You can also safely leave items for the attention of Lisa Dunseth, the Bernal Heights branch librarian, at the library at 500 Cortland Avenue.

Oral Histories

We are filming and taping oral history interviews as part of the nascent Bernal Heights Archive. We want to interview people about their everyday memories of living in Bernal Heights. Whether you or your family grew up here or moved to the hill later on, everyone has played a role in shaping the neighborhood.

Tell your story. Are you interested in talking to Bernal History Project volunteers? Do you know people you think we should talk to about their experiences or memories?

Become an interviewer. We can match you up with Bernal residents past and present who have already agreed to be interviewed -- or you can interview your friends or family members. We can loan you sound recording equipment, alongside a free training packet to help you learn how.

Share your skills. If you have expertise in digital media, interviewing, or historical research, we need you as an adviser or active participant. Loan us video or audio recording equipment so we can do more interviews. If you like to type, we need help transcribing articles and recordings. We have a big to-do list!