Bernal History Project

Bernal Heights is a hilltop village, tucked away in the southern part of San Francisco. Freeways and urban thoroughfares now bound a neighborhood once defined by the swamps and creeks of the original Mexican land grant. From the 1860s legend of Widow O'Brien's cow to the current fight over the preservation of the branch library's murals, residents have tirelessly guarded and recorded their environment. Bernal is diverse, vibrant, and still evolving.

Bernal Heights from 26th and Fair Oaks 1921 - David Gallagher

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Historic Bernal News
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  • Bernal Grammar School Celebrates Graduation December 21, 1912 San Francisco Chronicle

    The Bernal Grammar School celebrated graduation day on Thursday with an excellent programme submitted by the pupils. Many parents were present and the programme was thoroughly enjoyed.

    Those who received diplomas were: Evelyn Commins (Denman medal), Gertrude Gately, Anita McArrow, Vina McDonald, Ella Meehan, Annie Movello, Aileen Stanford, Irene Zammerman, William Bates (Bridge medal), Joseph Bonavia, Albert Broderick, Helmer Carlson, Daniel Driscoll, Karl Erickson, Emil Erickson, Norbert Feyling, Harold Kelly, Arthur Lind, Ben Lindholm, Walter Mortley, George Radford, Leo Shepard, William Murphy, Stewart Taylor, Francis Ward and John Young.