Data Table: City Directory Information

Bernal History Project has compiled records for every street in the neighborhood using the 1907, 1915, and 1922 city directories. This is just a small sample of our database.

Ellsworth Street in 1922
Address Year Built Resident Name Occupation
449 Ellsworth 1916 Anton Reichmuth (Justine) laborer
463 Ellsworth 1920 Edward Vogt (Irene) driver
465 Ellsworth 1906 John J. Lynch (Nora) laborer
499 Ellsworth 1900 Walter Tuckett (Eva) finisher
499 Ellsworth (rear) 1900 Charles Newforth laborer
504 Ellsworth 1906 Joseph Valentino laborer
506 Ellsworth 1900 Frank Leighton (Hazel) steamfitter
510 Ellsworth 1906 Alvin Gould (Nettie) none listed
518 Ellsworth 1900 Carl R. Carlson (Annie) carpenter
527 Ellsworth 1902 John Brown (Ethel) seaman
546 Ellsworth 1915 J.B. Fuller none listed

Many more houses were added to these two blocks of Ellsworth Street in the 1920s and 1930s. In 1922, there was still lots of open space and farmland on the hill.

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