Also Desires Opening of Costa Street

San Francisco Chronicle, February 25, 1910

At the last meeting of the Peralta Heights and Vicinity Improvement Club, the question of securing additional car service on San Bruno avenue was discussed. The secretary reported that, at the club's solicitation, delegates had been appointed by the other clubs in the district to confer with Manager Black of the United Railroads on the subject.

Petitions were ordered forwarded to the Board of Supervisors asking that two additional arc lights and two more fire hydrants be placed in the neighborhood.

The members of the organization are jubilant over the starting of construction work on the Wolfe street sewer - an improvement which they have been agitating for a long time.

The members of the Holiday [sic] avenue District Improvement Club are agitating the opening of Costa street to San Bruno avenue. The street has no adequate outlet from the top of Bernal Heights, and the residents fear that, in case of fire, their property would meet with total destruction before the fire apparatus could reach them.

The Board of Public Works has recommended to the Supervisors that sufficient money be appropriated to construct a stone coping around Bernal Park. The improvement clubs of the vicinity have been working on the improvement for a number of years. It is desired to lay out a public playground in a portion of the park when it is improved.