Michael O'Brien's Cottage Burned to the Ground.

San Francisco Chronicle, April 30, 1893.

The one-story frame dwelling of Michael O'Brien on Plymouth avenue, between North avenue and Patton street, was burned to the ground last evening. The alarm was turned in from box 284 at 8:15 o'clock.

When the Fire Department arrived at the top of Bernal Heights, where the cottage was blazing, the structure was so far gone and the hydrants were so few and far between that nothing could be done to save it. One stream of water was all that the Fire Department was able to turn upon the flames.

Very little furniture was saved. The loss is $2500, partly covered by insurance. The cause was a defective flue.

About 8:30 o'clock last night a fire broke out in the one-story frame building at 6 Plymouth avenue, in Holly Park, near Bernal Heights. An alarm was turned in from box 284, but before the Fire Department arrived the place was burned to the ground.

The building was occupied as a plumbing shop by Michael O'Brien. The damage to the building and contents amounts to about $3000. The cause of the fire is unknown.