A Father and His Daughter Arrested for the Offense.

San Francisco Chronicle, June 2, 1891

J.G. Pavey, a resident of Bernal Heights, was arrested yesterday on a warrant issued by Judge Worley charging him with the abduction of Annie Barry, who resides with her parents at 118 Chattanooga street.

Pavey, who is employed as a machinist by Rix & Burrell, 38-40 Fremont street, says Miss Barry came to his house a week ago last Friday. She said that her parents had abused her and requested permission to remain at Pavey's house until she could secure other accommodations. As Annie was a friend of Pavey's daughter, he allowed her to remain at his house.

Jennie Pavey, his daughter, was also arrested last night on a warrant and locked up on a charge of abduction. She is a rather handsome girl, about 20 years of age, and told her story to a Chronicle reporter while crying bitterly.

"Annie came to me," she said, "nearly two weeks ago and begged me to let her stay at our house, as it was impossible for her to remain longer at home on account of the treatment which she received. I consented, as I had known her for a long time and was quite fond of her. We went out once or twice together, and passed the time as girls ordinarily do. She was simply my guest at her own request, and she was at liberty to go at any time she pleased. Last Saturday she left the house to visit a mutual friend in Oakland, and I have heard nothing from her since until today, when the officer came to arrest me."

The girl was found at the address given by Miss Pavey in Oakland yesterday and returned to her parents.