Bernal Heights Reform Club

The traditional Kilkenny cats held tame meetings in comparison to that of the Bernal Heights Independent Municipal Reform Club last evening in Burns Hall. The San Bruno Club were present, including the Secretary, who insisted on taking an active part in the proceedings.

To this some of the members of the Bernal Heights Club objected, and a motion was made to exclude from the room all persons not members of the club. The motion was lost, and the San Brunos were triumphant. There ensued a terrible din of angry words, broken in upon at intervals by the Chairman's gavel, and once by the question, "Mr. Chairman, have we any regular order of business?"

The Chairman replied, "It don't look like it." After peace had been restored to some extent, the motion was adopted that the candidates for Supervisors be invited to appear before the club. An invitation was also extended to the San Bruno Club to visit the Bernal Heights Club.

San Francisco Chronicle, August 17, 1881.