Bernal Obituaries

Bernal History Project occasionally compiles and writes memorial notices and obituaries for Bernal residents. Have one to share with us, or want us to write about someone? E-mail us.

Petrina "Baby Pete" Caruso Paton, February 27, 1918-October 9, 2011

Beloved Folsom Street resident who helped with BHP's research.

"Uncle" Bill Owen, July 5, 1929-May 15, 2011

Longtime Ellsworth Street resident who tended bar at the Wild Side West.

Elizabeth Hird Mikulas, May 12, 1916-March 13, 2011

Fourth-generation Bernal resident who lived almost her entire life on Elsie Street.

Joseph "Bud" Robbins, Dec. 2, 1926-Jan. 31, 2009

Proudly gay Navy veteran, free-thinking and witty teacher, and Bocana Street resident.

Roland Pitschel, 1942-2009, and Barbara Pitschel, 1939-2010

Native plant guardians and environmentalists who lived on Ellsworth Street.