Mrs Caroline Quinlan's Fatal Fall Into a Reservoir.

San Francisco Chronicle, April 17, 1892.

Mrs. Caroline Quinlan was accidentally drowned late yesterday afternoon. She was 53 years of age and lived with her husband, Thomas Quinlan, on the corner of Cortland avenue and Cherubusco street.

Quinlan has charge of the Bernal Heights reservoir, and he and his wife frequently wandered around the edge of the basin.

About 4 o'clock the old man missed his wife from the house and went to the pond. To his horror he saw her body floating in the water a short distance from the shore.

He got help and took the woman into the house, for life was not yet extinct. Dr. Titus was called and for several hours worked to save Mrs. Quinlan, but without success.

The case was reported to the Coroner. There was no doubt but what the drowning was accidental.